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Recreation Authority Policies

Program Policies
Policies are available at the Recreation Authority and available on our website

 Program Payment – Fees are due at time of registration

Program Registration – A parent/guardian must register anyone under the age of 18 years old

Registration Deadline: Sometimes programs are cancelled because patrons wait too long to register. Most programs, unless otherwise noted, will have a registration deadline of two business days prior to the program start date (example: if the program is scheduled to start on a Friday, registration deadline will be on Wednesday. Monday program start dates will have a registration deadline of the prior Thursday). Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Late Registration Policy: Registration may be taken after the deadline, if in fact, the program has reached their minimum and there is space available. Waiting to register until the deadline does not guarantee you a spot in the program; the program may already be full. Registrations accepted after the deadline will be assessed a $5 late fee.

Recreation Authority Program Cancellation: The Recreation Authority of Roseville & Eastpointe reserves the right to cancel any class or program and a full refund will be processed.  Online or Credit/Debit registration refunds will be less the additional processing fee.  Classes or programs will be cancelled prior to the day of class in order to give registered participants adequate notice. However, if a class is scheduled to start on a Monday, notice will be given on the prior Friday.

Individual Cancellations: Should a participant need to cancel out of a class or program a processing fee will be held. Processing fees are up to the discretion of RARE and their instructors based on request of cancellation.  Online or Credit/Debit registrations will be less the processing fee paid at the time of registration on top of the department processing fee.  Sports league refunds will have an additional uniform fee processed, this uniform is yours and will be available for pick up once it is sorted by the Recreation Authority Center.  

Refund Return: A refund check will be processed and mailed 3-4 weeks following the request for the refund.

Rental Policies
Policies are available at the Recreation Authority and available on our website

 Deposit: A $100 deposit is required for Rooms 1, 2, & 3; a $200 deposit is required for the Activity Center and Multi-Purpose Rooms; a $100 deposit is required for the Birthday Party Package. No deposit is required for pavilion rentals, full payment is due at the time of booking.  Gym rentals may be booked without payment, balance will be due 10 business days (Monday – Friday) prior to rental date.

Set-up Policy for Room Rentals: Basic 4-hour room rentals are able to utilize a set-up time frame one hour prior to the start time of the rental (example: if your rental is from 4:00 - 8:00pm you may come in at 3:00pm to set-up). Additional time is not provided for cleanup. Additional hours are not allotted for clean up, parties must be out by there scheduled end time. There is no additional set-up time scheduled for pavilion or gym rentals.

Birthday Party Package: Exception to the basic 4-hour rental time is the birthday party package. This package includes Room 2 (unless approved otherwise) for 3 hours, 1 hour prior to rental start time for setup, and a two-hour rental in the gymnasium (depending on availability). Bounce houses or petting farms are NOT permitted for rentals.

Rental Request Deadline: If a rental is requested less than 10 business days of the event date, the rental time must be within the pre-scheduled time for the building or park staff hours of that day. No pavilion rentals may be booked if there is not a pre-determined staff scheduled for that park on the requested date.  Rentals booked less than 10 business days from the reservation date will be assessed a $25.00 surcharge.

Cancellation Policy: Room reservations cancelled more than 5 business days (Monday – Friday) in advance will be assessed a $50 processing fee. Pavilions & Gym rentals cancelled more than 5 business days in advance will be assessed a $20 processing fee. Refunds may take 3 – 4 weeks to process and will be mailed to the contact address directly.  Cancellations of less than 5 business days (Monday – Friday) in advance will not be issued a refund.

Remaining Balance for Room Rentals: The balance must be paid 10 business days (Monday – Friday) prior to rental.  If the rental fee is not paid 10 business days (Monday – Friday) in advance, a $25 late fee will be assessed.  If the balance is paid 10 business days (Monday – Friday) or less – the payment must be in cash, money order, or credit/debit – no personal checks will be accepted.  All payments must be made during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:00pm.

Items/Services not permitted at Recreation Authority Center:  Professional decorators, event planners, DJ’s, bounce houses, petting farms, alcohol, candles and table confetti/glitter are NOT permitted in any room.

Park Alcohol Policy: Alcohol is NOT allowed in Roseville Parks. Alcohol (beer and wine) is allowed in Eastpointe Parks. Glass is not permitted in any park at any time.

Entertainment Policy: Additional entertainment such as bounce houses/inflatables, petting farms, pony rides, trains, dunk tanks, gaming trucks, concession items and tent/table/chairs are NOT permitted for rentals. Entertainers such as clowns, magicians, face painters or character ARE permitted for rentals. A notice of entertainers is appreciated, but not required.

Day of Event: Responsible Party (contract holder) must be on site for the entire rental, the room/gym or pavilion will not be available until renter arrives. Additional names may not be added to the contract.

Deposit Return for Room Rentals: Deposit will be refunded and mailed 3-4 weeks following the rental date, provided the condition of the room does not require additional maintenance, renter does not exceed rental period and contract requirements are adhered to. If renter contract requirements are not adhered to, amount withheld from the deposit is made by the discretion of the Recreation Authority.