Activity Scholarships:
Through funding provided by the Roseville Optimist Club, the Recreation Authority offers activity scholarships for residents of Eastpointe or Roseville in financial need. 
We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy quality recreational programming.  Depending on the size of your family and income, you may qualify.  All you need to do is complete an Activity Scholarship Application form.  It's easy and confidential to apply.  Applications are available at the Recreation Center.  Children may receive one scholarship per calendar year (November 1st - October 31st). Application

Rewards Program: 
The Recreation Authority is introducing a new rewards program for our guests. At the beginning of each year, we will issue a gift certificate to households who spend a certain level from the previous year. Reward program gift certificates will be added to qualifying households by the end of January for the previous year. 
*$15 gift certificate for $350 and over
*$25 gift certificate for $500 and over
*$50 gift certificate for $750 and over
$100 gift certificate for $1,000 and over

Outdoor Fitness Court: 
Located at: Huron Park 
                 18605 Frazho, Roseville
Installed in October 2019, the Fitness Court provides a full-body functional fitness workout for adults of all ability levels. With over 30 pieces of bodyweight equipment, the Fitness Court can be used in thousands of ways. Download the easy-to-follow app on your phone "Fitness Court" to get started today! The Fitness Court is open year round. 

Disc Golf Course:
Located at: Spindler Park

                 19400 Stephens, Eastpointe
The creation of the Spindler Park Disc Golf Course was made in cooperation with the City of Eastpointe and The Professional Disc Golf Association. This Free Play course consists of 24 holes, 12 baskets at a par 72. Elevation changes, hillside greens, protected fairways, island green and blind tee shots; all in an amazing public park. 

MiDOG Park:
Enjoy some fun and exercise with your dog at the off-leash dog park.  MiDOG park is located in Memorial Park, at the southeast corner of Ten Mile Road and Flower.  In order to obtain a Key Fob to access the park you must bring your dog license receipt and vaccination records to the Recreation Center located at 18185 Sycamore, Roseville.  
Replacement Fob Fee: $10
Yearly Fob Rate:
Resident: $25
Non-Resident: $35